Interim Care


Are you or a loved waiting for placement in a Long-Term Care facility, but need immediate relief or assistance? Then perhaps GTA Senior Care Solutions can assist with you with finding short-term Interim Care options.

What is Interim Care?

Interim Care is when a long-term care facility offers immediate, short-term service to a patient who is awaiting placement in a different long-term care facility.

To qualify for interim care, your loved one must currently be in a hospital awaiting placement in a long-term care facility. All long-term choices should already have been made. Interim care is a stop on the way to your chosen destination. As a result, staying at an interim care facility has a limit of 120 days.

How much do Interim Care facilities cost?

Prices and price structures are generally set by the government. All long-term care facilities that offer interim care services charge on a per day basis. Some require full payment upon check in, while others allow payment in installments.

The government subsidizes interim care in the same manner it subsidizes long-term care: it assists with ward room accommodations but not private or semi-private rooms.

What kind of care can I expect?

An Interim Care facility provides the same levels of care and treatment or requires a facility with the same resources as a long-term care arrangement.

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In need of urgent Interim Care? GTA Senior Care Solutions can help! Contact Us right away and one of our qualified patient care advocates will be able to assist you.